Friday, June 29, 2018

Mommy takde duit!

I was always telling my child, I don't have money. Especially when she asked me for something.

So today is Aurora's parents day at school. She was not following me to school. I left her at home. I went there alone. It's more easier for me to ask her teacher regarding her latest school performance.
She did the best for all of her exam papers.

Math: full marks (expected since she loves math) 
English/phoenics: full marks 
Chinese: full marks (how come???) 
Bahasa Melayu: getting 2 wrongs in her last questions.

It just an exam in kindergarten. I don't expect much.


when her teacher asked,

" Akak takde duit ke? Saya tanya Aurora, mommy tak nak belikan reading books ke?(which is compulsory for every student). Aurora cakap mommy takde duit."

HAAAAA?? her question make me shocked like WTH how can Aurora told her like that! Ya Allah malunyaaaaaa. No wonder lah I didn't see any reading books from her school bag. Rupanya selama ni dia tak beli buku, dia pinjam kawan dia. Everytime teacher ajar, dia pinjam kawan dia. Errrrkkkkk mana nak letak muka ni!

Birthday gifts ideas for Aurora..

Hai, birthday Aurora nak dekat. Yea, as usual setiap tahun Aurora akan buat birthday party! Actually ingatkan tahun ni nak rest, sebab banya...